Christmas Recap

Well, we’ve entered a new year now.  I’m just finally getting around to sitting down and blogging about our Christmas.  It was a whirlwind, but it was so fun.  Christmas time is such a fun time to have little kids!  And we tried to slow down our lives enough to enjoy some of the magic of Christmas that we enjoyed as kids.  By this, “magic” definitely translates to “food.”

IMG_1352The boys are ready to roll that dough!












Then we had to test those cookies, of course!




This year was the first year that we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our own home.  We decided that we wanted to have that time to cherish just as a family of four and start some of our own traditions.  We started off by going to our Christmas Eve service at church, which was so nice.  Eli got to sing his favorite Christmas song, Joy to the World.  He is still requesting it every bedtime.

Then it was time to come home and eat an awesome Christmas Eve Dinner!



And do dishes of course.  Luckily I had my little helper to make it go faster!



Then we lit a fire and tried to take some pictures of the kids.  You know, like the ones you see on kodak commercials or the Shutterfly website.  So that we could look at the pictures some day and remember how perfect everything was and how well-behaved they were, and….yeah right!  Trying to get a good, in focus picture of these two is like trying to hug a barracuda – IM.POSS.I.BLE!  I searched through the 20+ photos and settled on this one as the best one we got.

IMG_1459Good try, Honey.  I always give you the hardest jobs, like tearing up carpet, fixing the antenna on top of our house, fixing wiring problems that could electrocute you at any given second, taking pictures of our children…

And it looks like Andrew could lay off the cookies…so anyway, we gave up on that idea and went for the presents.  They each opened one gift on Christmas Eve.



And then the next morning there were a few more to open.


Our kiddos knew that these stockings and other presents came from us – mom and dad.  We have decided not to incorporate “Santa” into our Christmas traditions.  We want our children to focus on the real meaning of Christmas, which is Jesus’ birth, not getting hyped up on “being good for Santa.”  We want them to “be good because they love Jesus.” But more on that topic another time.



Once presents were opened, we had to play with them!



But then it was time to go shovel the new snow fall.  The boys loved their new shovels that they got.  In fact, Andrew threw a huge fit when he had to come in because his cheeks were bright red!



Then we took off for South Dakota to visit the grandparents.  Andrew got to ride on a tractor!




He was less than thrilled as you can see.



Then it was time for sledding!










Grandpa T helping Eli learn how to make snow angels.




Showing off the new slippers:



New camera!



Helping Grandma open her gifts:



Playing with our new toys:



Just hangin’ in our PJ’s!



We got to meet our new niece, Lucy, while we were back!



And our best attempts at getting all the Hanson-side grandkids together for a picture.  I don’t know whether to feel bad for little Lucy or not….she will have to play a lot of cops and robbers, but she also has a lot of little protectors!



Grandpa T showing Eli and his cousin, Karli, something on his phone.  Those kids know how to run those smart phones better than we do!



Eli got 10 lbs of burger from Grandpa T…



…and Andrew got a 10-lb bag of potatoes.



That should keep them fed for a week or so.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when they hit high school!

Well, that’s a snapshot of our Christmas.  We had a lot of fun, got to see all of our family, got lots of generous gifts, and rested/rejuvenated for the new year ahead.  What a great year 2013 was, and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in 2014!



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