Adoption Update and Fundraising

Adoption Update:

Our Dossier has now been approved by Bethany Christian Services headquarters in Michigan.  All of our documentation in this Dossier is now in the mail headed to South Africa as of today.  This day also starts the expected wait time of 12-18 months for a referral of a child or sibling group.  It sounds weird, but we are so happy and relieved to start that wait!  We know that this is just a guesstimate, and that time frame could change at any time; nonetheless we are so happy that this is one step closer to the additions to our family!

Please continue to pray for safe travel for our Dossier to South Africa and, most importantly, that the wait time for our child(ren) would be much shorter as this means our child(ren) would be out of an orphanage all the sooner.



As we have finished up the vast majority of paperwork and begin this “sit and wait” period (or as we like to call it, the “run around and chase two toddler boys” period), we will focus most of our adoption attention on fundraising.  I’ll refer you to this post to get more information on the costs of our adoption.

Grants from organizations built to support adoption are very hard to obtain, as there are so many applicants and just not enough funding to go around.  We have applied for several of those, and have already gotten a declination letter from a couple of them.  This is discouraging, but we are also viewing this as an opportunity to see God work.  We don’t know where this money is going to come from, but we are so excited to see God make it happen.  This is one of the biggest circumstances in our lives where we have had to put our complete faith in God because we can’t see a plan of how the funds will come in.  We trust it will happen though.

As I have mentioned before, we have done several fundraisers (here, here and here).  We are planning a second garage sale fundraiser for May, and you can check out the details here if you’d like to donate items!  We have a few other fundraisers in the planning process, and will give updates on those as they come.

We have had many people ask where they can donate to our Adoption Fund.  We finally have that up and running.  If you would just like to make a financial donation, you can do that.  Here is how:


1) Give by Check

Please make checks payable to: Lifesong for Orphans.
In the memo please note your gift preference by writing: Hanson 4355

Please mail checks to: Lifesong for Orphans; PO Box 40; Gridley IL 61744

 Lifesong has been blessed with a partner that underwrites all US administrative and fund-raising costs (TMG Foundation and other partners). That means 100% of your donation will go directly to the need…helping orphans.


2) Give Online

Click on the Button on the top right column of this blog or directly below, and it will take you to the page with our family information already filled in.  You can use your PayPal account or credit card.  Fill in your information, hit send, and you’re done!

Please note that PayPal will charge an administrative fee (2.9% + $.30 USD per transaction). Your donation will be decreased by the amount of this fee.


Don’t freak out if you don’t have a paypal account.  There is an option on this page to use a credit card.

If you feel you can’t contribute financially, that’s okay!  We completely understand.  There are many other ways you can help:

1)  Most important of any support we could get – PRAYER!  We need prayer for perseverance, patience and attentiveness as we continue on this journey.  More importantly, please be praying for our child(ren) overseas – for his/her health, well being and spiritual growth while we are apart.

2)  We need items that you no longer want to be selling at our garage sale.  Spring clean, let us take your junk!  It’s that easy!

3)  We need manpower.  As I mentioned, we have some fundraisers coming up and will need a workforce behind us.  If you like serving with your hands, contact us!  We will have jobs for you!  More than likely, as we get closer we will seek you out!

 Thank you all so much for you support – both prayerfully and financially!  We couldn’t do this without each of you supporting our family in your own special way!


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Welcome to my blog! I am first and foremost a loved daughter of the Most High. I am a blessed wife to an awesome man who loves the Jesus above all else. I am also a Momma of 3 wild kiddos, who give each day a blessing in a whole new way. And when I have time I also work as a Nurse Practitioner on a casual basis. Our family has a special passion for family time, adoption, food, and thrifty DIY/home improvement projects and would love to share some of it with you! In fact, I love creating so much I have started my own little Etsy business!
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