Bedroom Reveal

In case you haven’t realized, things don’t happen real fast around here in the project department.  About a year ago, I mentioned that we were starting our endeavor of a bedroom makeover.  Well, I still want to add little touches, but I decided it’s probably time to let you see what I have.  I’m learning that house updating is something that is never done.  There is always something to be working on!

Well, you’ve waiting long enough.  Let’s start with what our bedroom looked like when we moved in:




Blah.  It’s okay, but there really wasn’t any style.  We basically hung our clothes in the closet and called it good.

So then we would add things here and there, and this is what it looked like 3 years later, prior to the makeover:



Still blah.  But with a whole lot more mess now.  It just never really felt cozy, and after having two babies, this Momma needed a place of her own.  A little sanctuary.  Somewhere that I could retreat to and feel relaxed.  So the hubby agreed to let me undertake a makeover.

Enter bigger mess:


This was enough to cause slight panic attacks, but I told Grant to just stay out of the room and we would camp in the spare bedroom for a few nights while I got to work.

We started with trim.  We have (what I consider) ugly, honey-colored builder grade trim throughout our house.  And it’s oak.  Now some people may think I’m crazy, but I decided to paint it white.  I read about it, studied it, and heard lots of opinions on it – both for and against.  But in the end I decided that it’s our house, and we wanted it white, so I went for it!

I started with deglosser:

IMG_0304I wiped down all the trim against the floor and around the door frames/windows.  After that dried, I applied two coats of primer.


After primer, I appled three coats of Valspar bright white base (in semi-gloss).

Then we changed the wall color from poopy brown to relaxing gray.

IMG_0350Note how gross the carpet is.  It’s got to be original to the house, which was built in 1990. Ew.  It needed to go.  And there was no way we were paying $100 to have it ripped up for us, because we’re cheap like that.  So we got to work.


Under the carpet, we had to rip up over 500 staples from the subfloor.  That made for a really fun Friday night!



One thing we don’t do on our own is install carpet.  It’s worth spending the money to have someone else do it to make sure it’s done properly.  We bought a cheaper carpet but a little more expensive carpet pad underneath, so it still feels nice an cushy for a little less in price.



Between the bedroom and the closet we have a little “station” which I got to take over of course.  The one with the most hair won this spot when we moved in.  But it definitely needed an update – on a dime.


The outdated cream counter got covered with peel-and-stick faux dark wood flooring and framed with some trim.



The builder-grade light fixture got replaced with an industrial-looking beauty that I found at a garage sale for $10.


And the mirror was given to us from my parents-in-law and is from an antique dresser.


It needed a little TLC, but we got it up and running again!  I didn’t want to take too much away from the antique character, but the old tape marks had to go.  And here it is all put together with the new light:



I built a shelf out of clearance wood from Lowe’s and added a couple of corbels after painting them.




We made our industrial end tables, which you can read about here.



And then we did our pallet accent wall, that I blogged about here.



I made stenciled and painted canvas curtains to accent our walls.  Read about it here.



I found our dresser for $15 on Craig’s List, and transformed that.  Read about it here.



Alright, so here is the room as it stands today.  I still have some small things that I have to work on, but it’s much better than where we started!

So here’s before one more time:


And now after:


And before:

IMG_0259And now after:


**Wall art compliments of my super-talented husband who threw this together in an hour.


DSC03988And after:

IMG_3000Don’t mind the burnt out light.  That’s something that we can never keep up on in this house.  Our lives wouldn’t feel right unless we had a burnt out lightbulb somewhere in our house at any given time!

So overall, our bedroom feels so much better.  I enjoy being in there now, and it is a cozy retreat for those times when “Mommy just needs a minute!”

Anyone else in the middle of some major room makeovers?  For some reason summer really gets me in the makeover mood, and currently our sunroom is torn apart getting a little update.  Hopefully more to come on that soon!



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