Little Halloween Tales

Finally here’s a little recap of our Halloween this year.  Life is flying of course, but we were able to enjoy some really fun moments this past week!

We started off the festivities the Saturday prior to Halloween, with a 5K fun run.

Everyone, please meet the Hansons, from the backwoods:



Yup, I ran my first 5K dressed up as backwoods, white trash!

And no, that’s not a real beer bottle in Andrew’s hand.  Root beer, people.  And Eli’s Sai that he’s sucking on is plastic – not real.



Believe it or not, I actually ran the whole thing.  This is amazing since 3.1 miles is the longest distance I’ve ever run in my life – so far!  I had so much fun I can see some more races in my future!

After the race, we got pizza and stuffed our faces.  Carb loading AFTER the race, right?!!

We all took naps, and then it was time for the adults to have some fun that night.  It was the annual Halloween bash that our friends put on, and it’s a blast!

Goodbye Backwoods, hello Richard Simmons!



Oh man, that picture is so utterly ridiculous, I crack up every time I see it.  Grant will definitely not be growing his hair out or perming it anytime soon.  Or wearing SHORT stripped shorts.  Or tanks with butterflies on them.  However, I definitely might wear my su-weet orange tights or that beautiful jacket again…

Everyone was so creative for their costumes!


IMG_3709IMG_3719IMG_3723     IMG_3727

IMG_3737      IMG_3710     IMG_3728IMG_3725     IMG_3718


After the adults had all their fun, it was time to let the kids have fun, I suppose!   Later in the week, the kiddos got together and painted pumpkins.



Eli demanded that he was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for Halloween.  With weapons.  He has to fight “the bad guys.”  Andrew didn’t really care, so he got the only costume that was left at the store that fit him.




It’s so fun to have neighbors to go trick-or-treating with!

And here’s the loot!



We had a great week filled with a lot of fun!  We’re already thinking of costumes for next year!


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