Eli Turns 4. Cowabunga, Dude!

Wow, 4?!  That’s gotta be right, after all he has been reminding me almost every day since Christmas that he is turning 4 real soon.  And speaking of Christmas, I still have a post coming on that.  My goal is to have it up before February.  Yikes!  Anyway, we had Eli’s birthday party this past weekend and, not surprisingly, he requested that we have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party.  With lots of pizza.  And Turtle fruit/veggie trays.  Thank you, Pinterest!



Eli was so excited to open his presents in the hopes that he would get something Ninja Turtles.


He never could have imagined a Ninja Turtle drum though, I know it.  We got him on that one, he would have never guessed!


Andrew had to help out too.


Eli flipped when he opened his new Ninja Turtle trainer roller blades, complete with Ninja Turtle knee/elbow pads!


He had them out of the box and on so fast I didn’t even know he was upstairs trying them out already!


After presents, it was time to load the kids with more sugar.  Eli threw a fit the morning of his party when I told him I thought he had told me he wanted a princess cake.  Let’s just say he was relieved and giddy when I brought this bad boy into the room.


He told me that I even got it very right because it was “Raphael red”.  Mom brownie points right there.


He had a great party, and we were so thankful so many of his friends/family could come celebrate with us!

Tuesday was his real birthday, so we had to make that special too.  I picked him up from preschool during my lunch hour and took him out to eat at his favorite place to eat in the world – McDonald’s.  I made sure that he knew he could pick anywhere in town to eat – dozens of options.  Still, the answer was firm.  Whatever floats your boat, kid.

image 2

I left work a little early and picked the boys up from daycare.  We met a babysitter at home, dropped Andrew off, wiped him up off the floor after he threw himself there in tearful rage because he wasn’t coming with us, and left for the movie theater.  Eli got to go to his first movie, and he thought he was king of the world!  Especially because he was still wearing his birthday crown from preschool that morning.

image (2)

We saw Big Hero 6, and I have to say it was really good – check it out!

After the movie, we took him to Perkins for supper.  He chose pancakes with sprinkles.  And bacon.  Birthdays are not even worth having without bacon.

image (1)

Overall, I think Eli had a great celebration.  We enjoyed so much pampering him a little, giving him one-on-one attention, and showing him how much we and his friends/family love him.  He is such a special boy with a huge heart.  Even though that is sometimes overshadowed by his incessant talk of butts and what comes out of them, he is a gem who loves Jesus and loves others in a way I didn’t know was possible at 4 years old.  I love watching him develop, and stand amazed at the boy he is turning into.  Happy Birthday, Elijah!



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