Team World Vision

Let me start by saying that I don’t particularly like fundraising.  I hate asking people for money.  I’m pretty sure it’s a pride thing for me, and let me tell you, God has definitely humbled me in this area in the last couple of years.

I will say that if fundraising is for the purpose of serving underprivileged children, I’m all in.  I get comfortable in my cozy home with my cozy family and essentially everything I want and need, so it’s easy to forget about those who have little to nothing.  Fundraising is a way of humbling myself on their behalf.  We have fundraised for two years now in order to bring our child home from Africa (hopefully!) in the near future.  I have to say that it’s not easy, but it’s definitely not possible without those around us also getting invested in the cause of serving little ones who have little.

We are so happy that we feel fully funded in our adoption (as I’ve promised, a post with more details on that to come!).  As we wait for a referral, we don’t want to get stagnant.  And so God put on our hearts another area to focus our energy.  And when I say energy, I mean running!

As most of you know, Grant and I are running a half-marathon in October.  I honestly don’t know if I could do it without a goal or more purpose other than running.  In order to run with purpose, we have joined Team World Vision in order to raise funds and help bring clean water to those who need it in Africa.

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World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that works with children, their families and communities to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice.  They have formed Team World Vision, which allows runners to raise funds in order to support clean water projects for those who don’t have any.

I just ran seven miles last night during my training run.  SEVEN!  That’s the longest distance I’ve ever ran without stopping.  And honestly, I about died.  Some women and children in Africa walk FIVE miles every day to get water, and that water is not even safe to drink!  Keeping this in mind as I run as really motivated me to keep going.

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I feel like I’m killing myself doing this, but at least I get clean, cold water at the end of my runs.  PLEASE consider donating to this very worthy cause.  As I run, consider giving $50 or more to Team World Vision and help them get clean water to all children in Africa!  Just $50 (what some of us spend on fast food/coffee in 1 week!!) can bring clean water to a child for LIFE!!  I’ve already donated, will you??

Click HERE to learn more and or donate!!

Also, if you love this and are interested in running with Team World Vision, please click HERE to learn how you can get involved!


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