Rustic Pallet Sign

In the DIY department, we’ve been scurrying around this summer trying to finish two rooms in our house.  The guest bathroom is pretty much completely finished, and I’m excited to share a reveal soon!

The other room we are working on is the boys’ bedroom.  They have had separate rooms up until now – we are slowly trying to transition them into one room.  If we have an open bedroom we hope that means we will get our adoption referral sooner.  One can always hope, anyway!

We are kind of in the middle of that project, but I did want to share a little decor project that I did – for absolutely free.  The best kind, right?!

The boys are all about hunting bears lately.  Now we don’t have a lot of bears in the city (or the region for that matter), so we have to get creative.  Our imaginations take us to bear caves all over our backyard/front yard/garage/basement/”grandma and grandpa’s bedroom” (a.k.a. the guest bedroom), etc.  We have a regular old bear infestation on our property and I’m so glad I have two warriors to protect us!

I’ve been wanting to make a sign for their room, and all this bear hunting led me to believe that I could make them a cool bear sign for their new room when it’s complete.

So I started off by picking out four 2X4 boards left over from the pallet wall we did a couple of years ago.  I tried to pick roughly the same length, but a little in-discrepancy was okay with me because this was going to be a rustic looking project.


I sanded them down quick and then I let the boys go to town with various dangerous objects.  This part had to be very closely monitored, because if it wasn’t they would be beating each other within 30 seconds.


Next we found some leftover 1X2 strips of wood leftover from Grant’s closet building that is going on right now in the boys’ bedroom. We screwed them onto the backs of the boards to hold everything together.


And yes, Andrew is wearing a stocking hat.  In August.  Consider it a crisis averted.

I found a shape of a bear online that I wanted, and then printed it out and blew it up.  I did it all at home so I had to kind of piece it together, but that didn’t matter, I just needed the rough shape to trace onto my contact paper.


Contact paper is the coolest – it’s like a DIY sticker for these kinds of things.


I put the contact paper down across the boards and spread out any bubbles.  Then I painted over the whole thing with flat white paint.


A few minutes after painting, I applied duct tape in various areas, pressed down, and then ripped it off.


It took some of the paint with it to give it more of that rustic vibe.


And then I got so excited about the final product that I forgot to take a picture of the final step.  I peeled the bear-shaped contact paper off and then applied one coat of Minwax stain in Dark Walnut to the whole sign.  I left it on for maybe 5 minutes, and then wiped it off.  And then I fell in love.


Isn’t it just the cutest?!  Especially when it was dirt cheap – meaning totally free!

Here’s the back in case you were wondering:


The boys saw it and went nuts!


Don’t mind Andrew, he’s been such a goof lately!

Hope you liked this project!  It was super easy, so I expect all of you to make one of these!  What shape would you do?


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Welcome to my blog! I am first and foremost a loved daughter of the Most High. I am a blessed wife to an awesome man who loves the Jesus above all else. I am also a Momma of 3 wild kiddos, who give each day a blessing in a whole new way. And when I have time I also work as a Nurse Practitioner on a casual basis. Our family has a special passion for family time, adoption, food, and thrifty DIY/home improvement projects and would love to share some of it with you! In fact, I love creating so much I have started my own little Etsy business!
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