Days Sixteen & Seventeen

Alright, so we are pretty much into the routine here in the Western Cape!  We are staying in an apartment in Stellenbosch which is a very pretty college town outside of Cape Town.  The area that it is in is very well known for their vineyards.  It’s essentially the Napa Valley of South Africa!  We hope to do a couple winery visits/tours while here.

On Tuesday, a local friend who we found via a Facebook group for Bethany adoptive families invited us over for a braai.  This is essentially a “barbecue.”

He made some incredible food- sausage, chicken, steak, and shared some local cider and wine with us as well.  It was all wonderful!

Their family essentially hosts pastors and missionaries while on mission or sabbatical from their home or “oasis.”  One can see why this would be such a great place to get some rest and reconnecting!  Just look at the view out their back porch!

On Wednesday morning we headed out to Cape Town.   We were a little nervous about this as the traffic could be bad, it is a huge city, and we had to find a little office in something called the “clock tower.”  On top of that, our directions told us at the very end to “take the slipway” down to enter the parking ramp.  Literally we had to drive down a dock to get to the parking…

Ok so it wasn’t IN the clock tower but in a building right next to it…

Well, we found everything just fine, got there extra early and had a medical exam for Palesa so that she could be okayed to travel into the United States.  She needed a couple shots which she absolutely hated, but other than that it was a pretty successful appointment!  Afterwards, we headed along the waterfront and explored, had lunch, and took in the awesome views!

So that picture…  Yeah we left and I said, “you know, I think we were supposed to stand on the OTHER side of the frame…” Oops!  Who took our picture you ask?  There was another couple getting ready to take the picture and I offered a trade- he said yes with an American accent! They were from Kentucky.  So, there’s that little tidbit.

Table Mountain!  Cape Town is basically nestled in right below it.

Jen remarked today that the best thing about this trip so far (and Africa to be completely honest) has been everything that God has done!  We aren’t convinced that man has done the best job ever in this country, but the land (and yes definitely a lot of people we have met) and His creation are spectacular!  Tomorrow we plan on a trip to Betty’s Bay to see some penguins!


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