Days 22, 23 & 24

Wow, these days are adding up!  It’s hard to believe we’ve been out of the country that long!  We are learning more and more about South Africa while we are here, which is exciting to learn new culture!  The last couple of days we have enjoyed taking in some of the sights.

Monday, Day 22:

Monday was a little chilly/rainy, so we decided to keep it inside.  I think we’ve mentioned before that we feel somewhat limited in what we can do with a two-year-old.  We didn’t want to stay in the apartment any longer, so we decided to drive into town and check out the Canal Walk shopping mall, which is “one of the biggest shopping malls in the Southern Hemisphere.”

We walked in and immediately knew we wouldn’t be able to afford anything in there.  Ha!

Okay, I take that back.  The McDonalds in the food court was affordable.

How about that food court, huh?  I felt like it looked a little more like Vegas than a food court!

Dad even found a store he liked!


Tuesday, Day 23:

We were pretty low key in the morning, as I needed to clean up this mess of an apartment and get some laundry done.  We got ourselves reorganized, and then we met with the Wandisa team, because it was finally time to apply for Palesa’s passport!

We took a social worker with us, thankfully, because it was in a shady part of town and it was really hard understanding what was needed of us.  She watched everything like a hawk and made sure it was done correctly, so hopefully that means no delays.  The estimate is that this takes 10 business days, but we are praying that God, in His power, expedites that and we get it early next week.  Then we would be ready to fly back to Johannesburg, go through Palesa’s Visa exit interview and then get back home!  So please all you prayer warriors pray hard we fly out of Cape Town next week!!!!

Wednesday, Day 24:

Since we WILL be leaving next week (yes please Jesus!), we wanted to get in a few more “touristy” things in the next week.

We started our day by going to a restaurant that we thought sounded really good online.  When we got there it seemed like quite the hole in the wall.

I feel like nothing in this photo makes sense!  And you really can’t even see the restaurant!  But once we got closer, I started falling in love!

It was called Pajamas and Jam (so cute, huh?) and it was shabby – and I loved it!

And The food was to die for!

Grant got his dirty Chai and was in Heaven.  But then our food came…

Yes, that’s a flower on my warm gingerbread with poached egg, bacon and drizzled with honey.  I’m salivating now.  I suggested to Grant that we should go back next week before we leave.  He suggested we go back tomorrow.  This is why I married that man.

How cool is it that they serve their drinks in beakers?!

Oh the baked goods!  There were way more, but I was drooling all over the place and embarrassing myself, so we had to leave.  Such an awesome eatery experience!

After we were done stuffing our faces, we headed out to the cheetah reserve.  I was going to pet a large cat before I left this country and didn’t get the chance at the lion park in Johannesburg, so today was the day!

Meet Ebony, the Cheetah that we got to pet!  He’s 2 years old, and a lazy bum!  He sleeps around 16 hours per day, and didn’t even bother to sit up while we pet him.

We did get him to lift his head for a quick shot, but that was about it for movement.  He had parked himself by this little tree and wasn’t about to move himself for these crazy tourists!

Palesa loved him and was surprisingly gentle with Ebony.

After petting Mr. Sleepy Pants, we decided it was time for lunch.  I know I just wrote about breakfast, but I promise there was a significant amount of time that had lapse and lunch at this point was totally appropriate.

Grant had picked out a brewery that he really wanted to check out.  It was called Triggerfish Brewery.  It was another hole in the wall, but very unique.

Grant enjoyed his beer, and the food was surprisingly good.  Interestingly, there was also a ceramics studio in the other side!

Now most of you are aware that Grant is an Art Teacher, so this was perfect for him!  He was back in the studio in no time, talking to the Artist and pretty soon Grant had disappeared into the back…

Looking at all of his kilns!  Grant said the guy fires stuff super hot at a temp of up to 1600 degrees C!  Not only that but he uses vegetable oil mixed with kerosene as the fuel, which he keeps in a five gallon pail.  It goes down a hose to a metal tube that he lights at one end and shoots through with a shop vac on the other!

After lunch and the improv studio tour, we headed out to Monkey Town!  Yup, you guessed it – there were monkeys!  Lots of monkeys!  Unfortunately, our camera died while we were there, so those pics came off our phone.

It was very interesting, because basically we walked into the cage, and the monkeys were free to jump/swing/run all around us.  Not sure who was really on display…us or the monkeys!

Hard to see, but there was a tiny baby monkey hiding in there.

There were also lots of different types of birds all around.

Those are Macaws.  Not Parrots.

It was a fun day and Palesa was exhausted.  Bedtime was a breeze tonight!

We have some more fun things planned in the next few days, so stay tuned!


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