Days 25 & 26

Okay, on this post I’m gonna go backwards.  The reason being that today was boring.  Very boring.  We did nothing.  Nope, take that back.  We did venture out to get milk.  And I did paperwork.  And we paid bills.  Palesa watched an episode of Barney (okay not an episode – she watched for 5 minutes and then 10 minutes into it Grant and I realized we were the only ones watching and wanted to puke).  Exciting huh?  Well anyway, that was day 26, so wanted to get that out of the way and glad it’s over.

Yesterday (Day 25) was more fun.  Well, after getting through traffic.  We had arranged to meet our new friends down at the waterfront in Cape Town to visit the aquarium.  We got stuck in traffic and it took us 2 hours to go 30 miles.  With a screaming baby of course.  Seriously, that girl has pipes!

Not sure what that thing is, but it is creepy.  What would you name this type of fish if you could?  My vote would be the Leopard Joker.

We found Nemo…

And the jellyfish are my personal fav.  I could stare at jellyfish all day.  Did you know they are heartless and brainless?  Crazy!

We got to the aquarium just in time to see the divers feeding the fish and sea turtles in a huge tank.

Palesa had a fun time watching all the fish.

She even got to touch!

After the aquarium, we did a bit of shopping at the shops on the waterfront.  I found some super cute things for Palesa’s room that I’m dying to show you when we get home!

After that we headed over to a friends house for supper and socialization (we are so starved for that right now!).

Meet some of our new friends!  From the left, that is Dan with his two youngest kids Hannes and Julia.  The rest of his family is currently in the US as his oldest lives in Washington and just had a baby.  He lives in South Africa and has been so kind to have us over for supper twice now!  Patrick lives in East London, South Africa and is a good friend of Aundrea, accompanying her as she traveled from South Carolina to adopt her adorable son Isaiah last week!  And then the three of us of course.  Palesa loved having some playmates!  She came out of her shell so easily and it was so fun to watch!

We have only known these friends for a couple of weeks, and I am already falling in love with them.  I am so thankful for the beauty of the love of Christ shared among His people across the world, and also the beauty of adoption.  I didn’t realize how stuck in my own little comfortable bubble I was until God pushed me out of it!  And I’m so glad He did!  It’s hard, but it’s beautiful because it’s so much bigger than myself!

Oh, that reminds me, Grant tried Bovril.  Look it up.  Gross.

And, not related at all, we found this sign:

Have a great weekend!


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Welcome to my blog! I am first and foremost a loved daughter of the Most High. I am a blessed wife to an awesome man who loves the Jesus above all else. I am also a Momma of 3 wild kiddos, who give each day a blessing in a whole new way. And when I have time I also work as a Nurse Practitioner on a casual basis. Our family has a special passion for family time, adoption, food, and thrifty DIY/home improvement projects and would love to share some of it with you! In fact, I love creating so much I have started my own little Etsy business!
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