Welcome to the Hanson blog!  We are a family that loves Jesus, Adoption, the Midwest, and power tools.  Oh, and food.  We really love food.

We decided to start this blog mainly to keep friends and family updated on the happenings in our lives.  We’ve posted a lot of our house DIY projects, family happenings, and our journey through the adoption process is weaved throughout.  Come on in and get to know us a little better!  Introducing…the Hanson clan!

Mr. & Mrs. Hanson


Our love story started on ICQ (google it if you don’t remember it!), even though we went to the same high school.  After I made Mr. Hanson work very hard, I agreed to a date during our senior year in high school.  Five years later I became Mrs. Hanson and then BOOM! We’ve been married a decade!  Our greatest accomplishments together are those little feet and screaming voices all over our house!



These three kiddos make us feel like drunken, psychopathic sailors by 10:00 every night, but somehow when we are not around them we can’t wait to be next to them again!  The mysterious love of parenting!

Meet Eli.


Eli is my genius.  Speaking full sentences by one year, this kid will likely end up at Harvard some day.  He is our more reserved one, timid at first. But if you give him attention he will open up and talk your ear off.  He loves to talk about Jesus and Star Wars, the two most important things in his life right now.  He asks hard questions about Heaven and the state of the broken world we live in, which we thought we had a few years before we would have to try and answer.  And at 6, he already has a heart for the hurting and compassion for those who have less.

Meet Andrew.


Andrew is such a breath of fresh air.  If I need a laugh, he is my go-to.  His lighthearted, goof-ball nature is so refreshing and often reminds us to lighten up and let the kid in us roam free once in a while!  I’m so thankful that his love language is physical touch, because I can always get cuddles out of him.  And his cheeks are still just so squishy!  My little socialite loves school and is always willing to help out when someone is in need.

Meet Palesa.


Palesa is the freshest face in the Hanson Household, joining our family in June 2016.  We completed the Adoption process in South Africa and after a stay there for over 5 weeks we were able to come home with our sweet daughter!  She is absolutely beautiful and full of life.  She loves to laugh and be goofy.  She does have a very strong-willed personality and knows how to hold her own with her big brothers.  We are praying strong personality she has will be molded into a beautiful women who loves the Lord!


So there you have it, the Hanson family!  We are a real family, with real “family” struggles.  Some days are amazing, and some days we want to run away to the mountains alone and live off the land.  In Peace.  My kids eat donuts sometimes and I think some days they get away with not washing their hands before supper.  Chaos is a real thing.  And most of our family pictures look something like this:


But we love this crazy family that God has blessed us with over and over.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.  We hope you’ll join us and stay with us on this crazy ride called life!


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